Stars and Stripes Shirt

INKtastic is one of the newer print on demand websites. This POD is lots of fun, has many interesting products, it is very easy to use. You, the shopper, can customize almost any design by adding whatever text you wish.

Just because we can, and because I need something to write about, today we will look at some products and some of my designs on INKtastic.

My favorite product comes in several different sizes or categories. You can purchase it in the youth or more men’s sizes (smaller sizes will fit women, as well). And….drum roll… the favorite product of mine is the Stars & Stripes shirt.

Here we see it with the “Assembled in the USA using Belgian parts” design for youth.

Picture of stars & stripes shirt for youth with

Next we see this on the men’s shirt with the same Stars & Stripes on the sleeves. This design, while made for men, can also be worn by a woman if purchased in the correct size.

Picture of stars & stripes shirt for men or women, with 'Assembled in the USA using Irish parts' design.

I hope you’ve enjoyed our little tour of the Stars & Stripes shirt with two of our lovely designs. Hope you have a lot of fun on your next patriotic holiday!