African American LOVE for Martin Luther King, Jr’s Birthday

to celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr’s birthday, I thought today we would take another look at the LOVE design featuring the heart shaped Flag of the African Diaspora in the shop at or This design makes a lovely gift for Valentine’s Day, but also is great for honoring Black History Month. Wonderful, also, for Juneteenth celebrations.

First up we have a laptop bag to make your life easier.

Next, a neck tie for formal occasions, but when you want to smile.

Third, to take and leave messages in your home, dorm or office, a dry eraser board should do the trick.

And fourth, for organizing papers at the office or school, a lovely binder with the African American LOVE design in red.

African American LOVE Vinyl Binders
African American LOVE Vinyl Binders by flagnation
Look at African american Binders online at

Just a few more shopping days until Valentine’s Day! HAPPY SHOPPING!