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African American LOVE for Martin Luther King, Jr’s Birthday

to celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr’s birthday, I thought today we would take another look at the LOVE design featuring the heart shaped Flag of the African Diaspora in the shop at or This design makes a lovely gift for Valentine’s Day, but also is great for honoring Black History Month. Wonderful, also, for Juneteenth celebrations.

First up we have a laptop bag to make your life easier.

Next, a neck tie for formal occasions, but when you want to smile.

Third, to take and leave messages in your home, dorm or office, a dry eraser board should do the trick.

And fourth, for organizing papers at the office or school, a lovely binder with the African American LOVE design in red.

African American LOVE Vinyl Binders
African American LOVE Vinyl Binders by flagnation
Look at African american Binders online at

Just a few more shopping days until Valentine’s Day! HAPPY SHOPPING!

Stuffed Animals – Great Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Today we will look at stuffed animals at two POD’s, cafepress and inktastic. Cuddly, soft, and lovable stuffed animals make wonderful gifts for Valentine’s Day, birthdays, or any special occasion. But for Valentine’s Day they are really fun for that special lady or child in your life.

First up we see a cuddly teddy bear with the African-American heart-shaped flag or flag of the African Diaspora. Since February is Black History Month you can also help your favorite Black American remember both Valentine’s Day and their ethnic heritage with this thoughtful gift.

You can purchase this charming teddy bear by clicking on the picture of him below or click here.

Image of white teddy bear with African American Heart Flag at

Next, we see our lovely Sully the Cow all decked out with the Italian heart flag. Charming, lovable, and sweet she will surely make a big impression on your favorite Italian lady no matter what her age.

To buy Sally the Cow, click on the picture below that shows her wearing the flag of Italy heart or click here.

Image of Sully the Cow stuffed animal with a heart shaped Flag of Italy for Valentine's Day at

Next on our list we have the Easter Bunny showing up early to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your Irish lassie or laddie. Our lovely bunny loves his Irish roots and his little heart flag. He will surely charm your favorite Irish person on Valentine’s Day, Easter, or even St. Patrick’s Day.

To purchase our charming Irish Easter Bunny click on the picture below or click here.

Picture of plush Easter Bunny wearing an Irish heart flag for Valentine's Day.

While this one is last, the last is never least and this is no exception. We just love Norway and this charming bull of many colors (colours, if you speak British). He will bring lots of love and cuddles to your favorite Norwegian all year round.

To purchase our lovely bull please click on the picture below or click here.

Picture of colorful bull wearing a heart shaped Norwegian Flag.

That concludes our tour of the stuffed animals available with various heart flag designs from our shops at and

Remember, just about 30 shopping days till Valentine’s Day. So shop early to make sure that your gift is shipped in time for the big day. HAPPY SHOPPING!