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Italian Shamrock from Flagnation

Today we look at the Italian Shamrock and designs available at . These particular ones all have a green background on the product, to make them just a little more fun. I love this design because you can celebrate three of your ancestries, heritages and cultures all at once. In each leaf of the shamrock is a flag. One for, of course, Ireland. Another for the USA, and one for Italy.

First up, we have a fun Rickshaw messenger bag with many Italian Shamrocks. To purchase it, click on the picture below.

Next we have a deck of cards. Yes, cards. Perfect for games when the family gets together, you can have many hours of pleasure playing your favorite card game.

To purchase, click on the picture below.

Last, we show an espresso cup. What is Italy without espresso? Have yours on St. Patrick’s Day, St. Joseph’s Day and the 4th of July!

To purchase, click on the picture below.


New Shop — Flagnation at Wordans

A while back I opened a shop at Wordans, and just sort of left it. I’ve been adding designs to it the last few days, so I thought I would let you know about it. These are a couple of the products in the shop. You can buy the items by clicking on the pictures.

Image of Tee shirt with an Italian Shamrock near the bottom.

Fun design features an Italian Shamrock with flags in the leaves of Ireland, Italy and the USA.
Picture of Converse shoe with Canadian Flag angel on it.

Next we have a black tee shirt with a fun Canadian angel on your shoulder or sleeve. Let her watch over you!

Picture of a black tee with a Canadian Flag Angel on the sleeve.

Stuffed Animals – Great Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Today we will look at stuffed animals at two POD’s, cafepress and inktastic. Cuddly, soft, and lovable stuffed animals make wonderful gifts for Valentine’s Day, birthdays, or any special occasion. But for Valentine’s Day they are really fun for that special lady or child in your life.

First up we see a cuddly teddy bear with the African-American heart-shaped flag or flag of the African Diaspora. Since February is Black History Month you can also help your favorite Black American remember both Valentine’s Day and their ethnic heritage with this thoughtful gift.

You can purchase this charming teddy bear by clicking on the picture of him below or click here.

Image of white teddy bear with African American Heart Flag at

Next, we see our lovely Sully the Cow all decked out with the Italian heart flag. Charming, lovable, and sweet she will surely make a big impression on your favorite Italian lady no matter what her age.

To buy Sally the Cow, click on the picture below that shows her wearing the flag of Italy heart or click here.

Image of Sully the Cow stuffed animal with a heart shaped Flag of Italy for Valentine's Day at

Next on our list we have the Easter Bunny showing up early to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your Irish lassie or laddie. Our lovely bunny loves his Irish roots and his little heart flag. He will surely charm your favorite Irish person on Valentine’s Day, Easter, or even St. Patrick’s Day.

To purchase our charming Irish Easter Bunny click on the picture below or click here.

Picture of plush Easter Bunny wearing an Irish heart flag for Valentine's Day.

While this one is last, the last is never least and this is no exception. We just love Norway and this charming bull of many colors (colours, if you speak British). He will bring lots of love and cuddles to your favorite Norwegian all year round.

To purchase our lovely bull please click on the picture below or click here.

Picture of colorful bull wearing a heart shaped Norwegian Flag.

That concludes our tour of the stuffed animals available with various heart flag designs from our shops at and

Remember, just about 30 shopping days till Valentine’s Day. So shop early to make sure that your gift is shipped in time for the big day. HAPPY SHOPPING!

Italian LOVE at

One last look at the Italian LOVE design at Now you should have a good idea of what products are available at what PODs.

First we look at the section of Italian LOVE designs that only appear on the front of the product. To this end, we have a lovely almond colored cap (coloured, if you speak British). You can buy the item by clicking on the picture below, or here.

Picture of almond colored cap with Italian LOVE design from

Second, are charmed by the cute, black, toddler tee with the design on the back only. How wonderful your little bambino will look in this fashionable t-shirt with the Italy in Love or Italian Love design.

You can purchase it by clicking on the picture below or here.

Picture of black toddler tee with Italian LOVE design on the back from

Last, and of course, not least, we show a beautiful black and red women’s fitted baseball jersey. It makes the Italy in Love design show gorgeously and will make you or your lady look terrific. You can purchase it by clicking on the picture below or here.

Picture of red and black women's fitted baseball jersey with the Italian LOVE design from

With this we end our tour of the Italy in LOVE or Italian LOVE design. Remember, just a little more than 30 shopping days left till Valentine’s Day. Please be sure to allow ample time for shipping of your gift, too. Shop early to avoid dissapointment or higher shipping fees.

Italy in LOVE at

We will now visit the shop at and see what products it offers in the Italian LOVE design.

Skreened does not offer a lot of products for designers to work on, as their web site states, “Founded in 2006, Skreened is the leader in ethical and socially responsible on-demand printing”, they endeavor to not harm the environment with their inks and printing, as well as make sure employees are treated well. Basically, I can design hoodies, sweat shirts, all kinds of tees, and tote bags. Their stuff is very nice, too.

Unlike most PODs, Skreened gives the designer (me) the ability to offer my designs in many options. For years, almost all PODs have offered printing on light and dark colored T-shirts. The dark colors require a special process that is much more expensive. Most PODs will not give the same option on lighter colors, even though white in the design will show up as the color of the fabric. So, in this case, if you wanted a pink shirt with the Italian LOVE design, the white part of the heart would show up as pink. What I LOVE about Skreened, is they allow me to offer my design both ways, in the less expensive printing option, in case you don’t care about the pink in the white part of the flag. And, I can offer it in the more expensive printing process, which uses a white under base, so your garment will look more authentically Italian. But you get to choose because you are paying for it!

I can also offer my designs with printing on front, back or both. This means that all my designs at Skreened come in six options and are coded for you as follows:

1W – Design on front only, no white under base
1C – Design on front only, white under base
2W – Design on front and back, no white under base
2C – Design on front and back, white under base
3W – Design on back only, no white under base
3C – Design on front only, white under base

You can purchase the item below by clicking on the picture or here. It will allow you to choose from the products available without the white under base and with the design on front and back.

Picture of tote bag with Italian LOVE design at Images on front and back.

You can buy the item below by clicking on the picture or here. It will show you items printed on the front only with no white under base.

Picture of white tee with Italian LOVE design at, image on front only.

This one you can also purchase by clicking on the picture or clicking here. This will allow you to see products on colored items, with the white under base, but only printed on the back.

Picture of black long-sleeved tee with Italian LOVE design on the back only from .

You can see all the Italian Flag designs in my shop at by clicking here.

This concludes out tour of the Italian LOVE design available at

Just a few more than 30 shopping days left until Valentine’s Day! HAPPY SHOPPING!

Italy in LOVE design at INKtastic /

Today we are going to visit the Italian love designs at Yes, I know you spent a lot of time looking at these designs. But I like them. And I just would like you to see what is available at all the different print on demand sites that carry my designs.

Inktastic offers a wide range of items for children. They have the largest amount of stuffed animals of any POD I have seen, including many cute and cuddly Gund bears.

They also have the largest selection of items for babies, infants, toddlers and children that I have seen in any POD on the Internet. For example, they are the only ones I know of that carry these cute little toddler dresses with all the nice little ruffles that makes baby look so girly. Our first design shows a red lettuce leaf edge baby dress with the Italian love design. Perfect for your family’s new baby, grandma’s delight, the pride of grandpa’s eye, and in uncle’s favorite niece, and/or mom and dad’s pride and joy. You can purchase it by clicking on the picture or by clicking here.

Picture of red lettuce leafed edge baby dress with the Italian LOVE desing at

Our second design, features the wonderful Gund bear, perfect for your girlfriend, significant other, niece, nephew, boyfriend, mom, dad or anybody that likes snuggly cute stuff. Of course, this one wears the charming Italian love design. You can purchase it by clicking on the picture or by clicking here.

Picture of GUND Teddy Bear with Italian LOVE design from

Next on our list is a child’s polo shirt. I do believe that inktastic is the only POD that carries polo shirts for children, but I might be wrong. That said is still very smart looking for your favorite bambino to be wearing the lovely Italian love design on their polo shirt. To purchase click on the picture, or buy it by clicking here.

Picture of toddler polo shirt with Italian LOVE design at

Last but certainly not least, we have a child’s apron with the Italian love design at This fun design will surely make your child smile as they learn to help you in the kitchen and around the house. You can also buy an identical one for mother-daughter/father-son looks. Buy one for everyone in the family! By click on the picture or here.

Picture of child's apron with the Italian LOVE design from

That’s all for today’s tour. You can see all the products with all this design by visiting here.

Remember, there are just a little more than 30 shopping days till Valentine’s Day. Happy shopping!

Italy in Love at AmeriYank’s AmeriWear Flags of Nations

At AmeriYank’s AmeriWear Flags of Nations section, you can also find the Italy in LOVE design we looked at yesterday at Zazzle. Since AmeriYank’s AmeriWear is a CafePress shop, we will be looking at this design on products available from CafePress.

Why are we looking at the same design two days in a row? Because I like it and, while I am not Italian, I have an Italian aunt and many Italian friends.

Print on demand or POD companies often have the same products, but most of them also have some things that are unique to them. We will be looking at items today that CafePress carries that no one else does.

First, we have a shower curtain. Great for keeping water off the bathroom floor and, with this design, reminding you of your love of Italy, its culture, your ancestry, and your heritage. Click on the picture to purchase it.

Picture of shower curtain with the Italian Flag Heart LOVE design at

Next we show a lovely wall clock with the same design. Click on the picture to purchase it.

Picture of wall clock with Italian Heart Flag LOVE design at

Last we feature a queen sized duvet for the Italian lovenest. Charming way of keeping your heritage and culture in both your hearts.

Image of queen sized duvet with the Italian Heart LOVE design available at

That’s all for today, as we continue our Valentine’s Day shopping tour. You can see all the products with this design at, or by clicking here.

Italian Heart Designs from Flags of Nations or Flagnation at Zazzle

Today we will visit Italy and a special design perfect for Valentine’s Day.

It is my favorite design, featuring the word “LOVE” with the “O” made of an Italian flag heart. Just lovely and great for your special Italian on your special day.

First, we see it in an espresso cup, perfect for that special time. Click on the picture to purchase.

Second, we have a lovely sterling silver locket with the same design inside. A wonderful gift for your special Italian lady on the day of love. You can buy it by clicking on the picture below.

Next we see a charming candy jar with our Italian Love design. Perfect for your lady’s treats, and looking lovely in the kitchen, living room or family area. Again, click on the picture to buy it.

Picture of candy jar with Italian LOVE design from

Lastly, we show a beautiful pillow for living area, dorm room or anyplace you want to be comfortable. Large image of the Italian LOVE design shows here. Again, click on picture to purchase.

Picture of pillow with the Italian LOVE design from

None of these items strike your fancy? To see all the Italian Flag LOVE designs in the Flagnation or Flags of Nations shop at Zazzle, click here.

That’s it for today! Just a few more than 30 shopping days till Valentine’s Day! HAPPY SHOPPING!

Stuffed Animals at INKtastic

Because I like them, we are going to look at the stuffed animals that INKtastic has to offer. I mean these cuties are so cute, I just can’t stand it! They also make very, very cool Christmas gifts for the special little people in your life. And because the designs are unique so is your gift.

Picture of GUND Teddy Bear with USA Flag reading: Land of the free home of the brave.

Here we have charming teddy bear, as cute as it could be in a darling little T-shirt with an American flag reading, “land of the free home of the brave”. Perfect for your little soldier this Christmas or anytime.

Next, we show another Gund Teddy bear just as cute as he could be all ready to play his soccer match. His uniform is a simple T-shirt with a soccer ball decorated in the UK flag and reading in big letters,” United Kingdom”. Lovely gift for your UK fan, even if the team only plays in the Olympics every four years.

Picture of blue Gund teddy bear with a United Kingdom soccer or football and the words 'United Kingdom' above.

Next on our tour of all the lovely stuffed animals at we have a darling orange pumpkin man as cuddly as he could be, wearing a T-shirt that simply says,”love”. The O in love, however, has been replaced with a heart shaped Italian flag. Perfect for your stuffed animal lover whether they be Italian American, Italian Australian, Italian Canadian, or just plain old Italian.
Picture of stuffed pumpkin man wearing a tee with the word 'LOVE' using an Italian flag heart for the 'O'.

That’s all for this time. Hope you enjoyed our little tour. Check back often for all the latest stuff. Only 23 more shopping days till Christmas! Happy shopping!

Happy Columbus Day!

Today, because it is Columbus Day weekend, we will look at some Italian flag designs in my Zazzle shop, or

Italian USA Choice T Shirts
Picture of blue tee with flags of Italy and USA reading .
Design shows both flags of Italy and USA. Reads, “Italian by birth American by choice”. Share your pride and love in both your new and old heritages, cultures and ancestries. Great gift for anyone you know who is an Italian immigrant to America. Wonderful for new citizens or to honor parents, grandparents or anyone you know of Italian heritage who is now a USA citizen.

Love in Italy Pillow.

Terrific design features the love and pride you have in your Italian heritage, culture and ancestry. Travelers will like recalling a trip, vacation or holiday to Italy. Features the word “LOVE” with a heart-shaped Italian Flag for the “O”. Viva Italia!

God Had Meant Skinny, He Wouldn’t Invent Pasta
Flag of Italy, reads, “If God had meant for me to be skinny, He wouldn’t have invented Italian pasta.” Funny design with humor for those who like to laugh. Fun for Italian food lovers and travelers who ate their way through their trip, vacation or holiday!