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Mr Penguin, an Introduction to Auntie Shoe’s Friend

Introducing Mr Penguin

This is Mr Penguin in his birthday suit, au natural.

Mr Penguin
Mr Penguin stands in his tuxedo-like birthday suit.

Mr Penguin is a very good friend of Auntie Shoe, the writer of this blog. He travels the world and sends her letters and post cards. Mr. Penguin also gets vests of the flags of the countries he visits. When he writes to Auntie Shoe, he does so “normally”. This is not the case when he travels through time and space with his magical friend, Toksie Turbie. You can read about their adventures at You will have to wait until they are written down, however. But those adventures will be told.

Until then, you will have to satisfy yourself with Mr Penguin’s adventures in real life, or his remembrances of past adventures. He travels all over the world, experiencing many different cultures and heritages.

Particulars About Mr Penguin

The penguin was born, of course, in Antarctica, but not anyplace you can find in that frozen place. He was raised on the invisable Penguin Peninsula, which is where Santa Clause’s brother, Zanta Claus, lives with his Mrs. While, Santa uses elves to help him with his work, Zanta uses penguins. Special penguins that can help make toys when Santa gets behind. But, mostly, Zanta delivers special gifts to children who are not expected to be around on Christmas. So, his job is very special. And, the penguins help him.

The penguins get a lot of time to travel wherever they wish. Mr Penguin takes advantage of this perk and loves to find out about people in other places. For some reason, whenever Zanta’s penguins travel, no human gets upset about the fact that they talk. The Penguins of the Penguin Peninsula order in restaurants just like you and I. They get cabs like most people. They have no trouble getting tickets to movies, concerts and other events (other than they, often, can’t reach the ticket box and need someone to give them a boost).

All in all it is a good life. Mr Penguin is very happy. Check back often to read his adventures.