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Heart Shaped Flags at

Today, we will visit the Flags of Nations or Flagnation shop at Zazzle. Currently, the holder of the domain,, but that is subject to change (my whim). It can also be found at and, of course,

We will spend all our time today at this shop, looking a a few of the heart shaped designs available as we prepare for Valentine’s Day.

First up, we show the Flag of Greece in a heart shape on a lovely BBQ apron. Apron is great for any kitchen work, too. And allows you to share your love and pride in your Greek heritage and ancestry all year long. Many products come in this design, and many of those make lovely gifts for your favorite Greek, traveler, or person who just loves the culture. You can find them all here.

Picture of BBQ apron from with a heart shaped Greek Flag.

Moving along, we travel to Ireland and view a beautiful Irish Flag Heart Valentine in a locket.

Picture of  heart shaped irish flag in a locket.

A perfect gift for your Irish lassie any time of year, but especially appropriate for Valentine’s Day. Other gifts with the same design can be found here.

Moving along, we travel to the Netherlands and see a fun trucker hat with a heart shaped Dutch flag. Wonderful way to share love and pride in your Dutch roots. And a great gift for anyone on your Valentine’s Day list who loves Holland.

Picture of trucker hat with Dutch Flag Heart for Valentine's Day.

You can see all the products available with this design here.

That’s all for today. See you next time and HAPPY SHOPPING!

Happy New Year and All the Best for 2013!

Let us ring in the New Year with a Happy wish that you are prosperous and healthy in 2013. May only astoundingly wonderful things come your way.

Next, well, the purpose of this blog is to talk about my designs, so now we will do exactly that.

Valentine’s Day will be here before you know it, and that is the perfect time to give a gift of one of my heart-shaped flags. They are fun and make people smile, as well as show your love and respect for you heritage, culture and ancestry.

Many countries already have these designs created by me. So, let’s take a look at a few, shall we?

First let us travel to AmeriYank’s AmeriWear and view the lovely kids hoodie with the USA flag heart. You can click on the link, or visit by clicking on the picture below:

Picture of kids hoodie with USA flag heart

What a wonderful way for your child or grandchild to learn about the USA!

Next, we shall travel to and take a look at a black men’s hoodie with a funky looking heart shaped flag of the United Kingdom and Great Britain.

Picture of black hoodie with funky looking heart shaped flag of the UK

What a great gift for your favorite Brit on Valentine’s Day!

Lastly, we travel to where we look at a lovely heart shaped image of the Netherlands on a terrific tie.

Great gift for your Dutchman anytime, but especially on Valentine’s Day. Take a look:

Picture of tie with heart shaped Flag of the Netherlands

That concludes our tour for today. Remember, only a little more than 30 shopping days until Valentine’s Day!