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New Shop – Flagnation at

Today we are going to look at a newer shop. There are not many designs in it as yet, I just opened it a few months ago and it takes a long time to get all the designs in. You can see the entire shop by visiting here.

The company,, is located in Canada, so our first design shows both the British and Canadian flags on a women’s tee, with the words, “British by birth Canadian by choice”.Fun design for those who were born in the UK and now live in Canada.

Click on the pictures to make a purchase.

Picture of Women's tee in Flagnation shop at Wordans

Next up we show a black hoodie with the Canadian flag and the word or name “CANADA” below in snow-capped lettering. Lots of fun for travelers and natives, too.

Image of black hoodie with Canadian Flag and snow capped letters reading CANADA from Flagnation shop at .

Finally, we feature a 3/4 length sleeve baseball jersey with a design showing the Irish flag and the word or name “IRELAND” underneath in the colors (or colours) of the tricolor.
Picture of baseball jersey with Irish Flag and the word IRELAND underneath from Flagnation shop at

Hope you enjoyed our trip today. HAPPY SHOPPING!

More Heart Shaped Flags

I will be posting many heart shaped flags between now and Valentine’s Day. Today, we look at some in the shop at, and a few others.

First, as stated above, we visit and take a look at the heart shaped Flag of England. The English flag is also known as the Cross of St. George, or St, George’s Cross. It looks lovely here on a blue crew neck sweatshirt, certain to please your favorite Englishman or Englishwoman on Valentine’s Day or any special time. You can purchase any of the items by clicking on the picture.

Picture of blue crew neck sweatshirt with heart-shaped Flag of England or St. George's Cross.

Keeping in the same geographic area, we are now looking at a heart shaped Flag of the United Kingdom and Great Britain, in the same shop. Also, great for your favorite Brit on Valentine’s Day, it is also a great gift for any anglophile on your gift list, including your good self. This particular item is from American Apparel, too.

Picture of white American Apparel t-shirt with heart shaped Union Jack for Valentine's Day.

Next we travel to the shop at to visit the German heart shaped flag. A simple design, again perfect for your favorite German or German American or anyone of German ancestry, heritage and culture. And, as always just wonderful for those that simply love Germany.

Picture of the German Flag Heart Valentine on a women's long sleeve baseball tee.

Also at, we have a long sleeved crew neck sweatshirt with a heart shaped flag of Belgium. Again, terrific for your favorite Belgian this coming Valentine’s Day or anytime you need a special gift for a loved one. Wonderful for travelers, too, who simply loved their trip or vacation. A truly fun gift for those that have everything and always stump you.

Picture of long sleeved crew neck sweatshirt with a heart shpaed Flag of Belgium from Flagnation or Flags of Nations at

That’s all for today! Thanks for taking a look at what I offer. And, remember just a little more than a month until Valentine’s Day.

Stuffed Animals at INKtastic

Because I like them, we are going to look at the stuffed animals that INKtastic has to offer. I mean these cuties are so cute, I just can’t stand it! They also make very, very cool Christmas gifts for the special little people in your life. And because the designs are unique so is your gift.

Picture of GUND Teddy Bear with USA Flag reading: Land of the free home of the brave.

Here we have charming teddy bear, as cute as it could be in a darling little T-shirt with an American flag reading, “land of the free home of the brave”. Perfect for your little soldier this Christmas or anytime.

Next, we show another Gund Teddy bear just as cute as he could be all ready to play his soccer match. His uniform is a simple T-shirt with a soccer ball decorated in the UK flag and reading in big letters,” United Kingdom”. Lovely gift for your UK fan, even if the team only plays in the Olympics every four years.

Picture of blue Gund teddy bear with a United Kingdom soccer or football and the words 'United Kingdom' above.

Next on our tour of all the lovely stuffed animals at we have a darling orange pumpkin man as cuddly as he could be, wearing a T-shirt that simply says,”love”. The O in love, however, has been replaced with a heart shaped Italian flag. Perfect for your stuffed animal lover whether they be Italian American, Italian Australian, Italian Canadian, or just plain old Italian.
Picture of stuffed pumpkin man wearing a tee with the word 'LOVE' using an Italian flag heart for the 'O'.

That’s all for this time. Hope you enjoyed our little tour. Check back often for all the latest stuff. Only 23 more shopping days till Christmas! Happy shopping!