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Today, a horrible thing happened in my country. Someone set off a bomb and killed two people (as of this blog posting) and injured countless others.

Everyday, I must work. We all must. But my heart, today, is not in it. I have tears in my eyes and I only want to scream at the evil people who think they can get their way or make a point by taking someone else’s life or injuring an innocent child.

I do not want to speculate on who or what (truly “what” is the more applicable term) would do such a thing. Early reports on these types of things are seldom accurate, and I do not wish to spread rumors that may make a bad situation worse.

But work I must, even if I cannot find it in my heart to create a new image for sale or write a tweet or blog about something else. So, today, we will just look at designs I created that use the USA flag and make me feel that I can honor the innocent in some way.

Today’s blog post is dedicated to those that were injured or killed in Boston. Please pray for them.

Yes, you can buy these designs. Just click on the image and it will take you to the product.

This design is only available at or
Image of a black tee with a USA house available at

Link to black T-shirt with a funky looking USA heart flag

USA Angel Hats
USA Angel Hats by flagnation
The design above, or a similar angel, is available in all most of my shops,,, and The design below is also available in the same shops.


Currently, the design below is only available here or
Image of USA flag waving with letters USA below made to look like it is on a brick wall at

Thank you.

Please pray for the people of Boston.

St. Patrick’s Day Stuff

St. Patrick’s Day will soon be upon us, so I thought it would be fun to share a few more of the shamrock flag designs. They are great fun for family reunions, and just for celebrating your American, Irish and (insert other ethnic group here). These are all found at All design are available on many, many products, so you can find just the right thing.

First up, we show the English Shamrock, with the flags of USA, Ireland and England. This is the one President Barack Obama would wear, as he is of both Irish and English heritage on his mother’s side. Although, he would probably prefer a tee shirt or tie instead of the lovely necklace below.

Click on the picture to purchase.

Next, we show playing cards for family fun. These show the Australian Shamrock for those whose Irish ancestors came to the USA via Down Under.

Again, to purchase click on the picture.

Third, for the USA’s neighbor to the north, Canada, we feature the…you guessed it, Canadian Shamrock. And, yes, it shows the Canadian, USA and Irish flags. So, whether your ancestors came from Ireland and went to Canada and then the USA, or vice-versa, this works for you.

Again, to purchase click on the picture below of the lovely candy jar.

Lastly, we see a T-shirt with our Japanese Shamrock, with flags of USA, Ireland and Japan. And, yes, you can buy it by clicking on the picture.

Japanese Shamrock Shirt
Japanese Shamrock Shirt by flagnation
Look at Japan T-Shirts online at

Happy St. Patrick’s Day and HAPPY SHOPPING!

Italian Shamrock from Flagnation

Today we look at the Italian Shamrock and designs available at . These particular ones all have a green background on the product, to make them just a little more fun. I love this design because you can celebrate three of your ancestries, heritages and cultures all at once. In each leaf of the shamrock is a flag. One for, of course, Ireland. Another for the USA, and one for Italy.

First up, we have a fun Rickshaw messenger bag with many Italian Shamrocks. To purchase it, click on the picture below.

Next we have a deck of cards. Yes, cards. Perfect for games when the family gets together, you can have many hours of pleasure playing your favorite card game.

To purchase, click on the picture below.

Last, we show an espresso cup. What is Italy without espresso? Have yours on St. Patrick’s Day, St. Joseph’s Day and the 4th of July!

To purchase, click on the picture below.


Shamrock Flags

Because I love them, I started making shamrocks with a different flag in each leaf. The USA and Ireland are always in the design, but the third leaf changes with each country.

Why did I do this? Because while I am very proud to be an American, I also have Greek, French, Dutch, German, Scot, and, of course, Irish lineages. And in America this is not unusual. So, I created a design that allows people to honor three of their ancestries at once.

First up, we have a Greek shamrock espresso cup. Lovely for your Greek coffee, even if you choose to drink it on St. Patrick’s Day. Click on the picture to purchase it.

Greek Shamrock Espresso Cup
Greek Shamrock Espresso Cup by flagnation
Look at Greece Mugs online at

Next we show a teapot with the German shamrock. Lovely way to drink your tea.

German Shamrock Green Background
German Shamrock Green Background by flagnation
View Germany Teapots online at zazzle

Last, we show a terrific tie with a French shamrock. Wonderful to honor all your ancestries (or three of them anyway) on St. Patrick’s Day or anytime. Fun for Bastille Day and 4th of July, too!

Happy Shopping!

Shamrock Flags

As St. Patrick’s Day approaches, I thought we could look at a few designs I created using the shamrock motif. These shamrocks all have three leaves, of course, and in each leaf is a different flag. Two of the countries are always the same, those being the United states and Ireland. the third country varies from shamrock to shamrock. Below are four examples.

Gay Shamrock ShirtsGay Shamrock Shirts

Polish Shamrock Christmas OrnamentPolish Shamrock Christmas Ornament

Greek Shamrock iPhone 4 CoverGreek Shamrock iPhone 4 Cover

Bulgarian Shamrock OrnamentsBulgarian Shamrock Ornaments

This blog post is an experiment of sorts. I found a “helper thingy” for posting. It creates some of the code for me and makes it look nice, too. I thought I would try it and see how it works. So far, so good. The person who created the “helper thingy” also designs items and asks that if I use it, I promote one of their designs. This is easy because I can use the handy-dandy “helper thingy” for this, too. I chose this particular design because some people who enjoy my images like to travel and travelers often take pictures. They also need key chains to keep their keys on so they have them handy when they arrive to back at their own home, all worn out and needing to get back into said house.

I love photo key chainI love photo key chain


Inauguration Day

This site does not usually get political. But, today is Inauguration Day, and in recognition of that, I decided to post this design which has the “USA Red LOVE” design on a decal of President Barack Obama. Few of my designs in this shop use the Obama decal because it doesn’t make sense to do so on most of the designs. But I liked the way this looked, so, it is there.

Since today is also the official celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, I would like to feature this binder with a picture of an angel of color dressed in the USA flag.

And, because many people wish to make MLK Day one of service to others, I will post some designs that honor our service people, both military and first responders.

Blue lettering here made to look like clouds in the sky.

Honor the emergency medical technicians!

Blue lettering for Navy design looks a bit like waves in the water.


Love your cop, too!

Firefighters need love, too.

And the last one, just because I like it and it fits today’s topic, a house decorated with stars and stripes reading, “God Bless America My Home, Sweet Home”.

Yes, I know, lots to see today. That’s what happens on special days!

Hot New USA LOVE Design

Perfect for President’s Day, Valentine’s Day or any patriotic holiday is this fantastic “LOVE” design. It shows the word “LOVE” in red letters, with a heart shaped flag of the United States for the “O”. Here we see several products, available at or

First up, we show the design on a wonderful Rickshaw courier bag. Lots of style and usefulness, too.

Red USA LOVE Courier Bag
Red USA LOVE Courier Bag by flagnation
See other USA Messenger Bags at zazzle

Next, we have a make-up bag to put in your courier bag. Isn’t it wonderful when a plan comes together?

Red USA in Love Makeup Bags
Red USA in Love Makeup Bags by flagnation
Look at Red Bagettes Bags online at

We follow this with a teapot, for no particular reason other than I like the teapot and want to blog about it. So, this is me blogging about the teapot with the USA LOVE design.

Plus, I think it would be cool to have a teapot like this in my house. Hope you do, too.

Red USA LOVE by flagnation
Browse other teapots designs on Zazzle.

And, lastly, we show an apron, again for no other reason than I like it. But it does make a fun gift for your BBQ-ing gentleman or lady.

That’s it for today. Less than 30 shopping days until Valentine’s Day. be sure to get your gifts early to avoid last minute (and higher) shipping charges. HAPPY SHOPPING!

New LOVE Designs at

My shop at or, carries a color combination of a women’s black and red tee that, I believe is stunning. As far as I know, Printfection is the only POD that carries this, so I thought I would share a few with you today.

There is one baby’s item here, the rest are all for the ladies. And MAMA, you are gonna look HOT in your new stuff!

First up, is the Women’s Fitted Baseball Jersey with long red sleeves and a black torso, the design on this one is the African American LOVE design with red letters. And, ohhhhh, how sharp it looks on this shirt. You can purchase it for yourself or your favorite lady by clicking on the picture or clicking here.

You can see all the items with this design by visiting this link.

Picture of long sleeved womens' fitted baseball jersey with the African American LOVE design from

Next up, mama wants a cap sleeve tee with the USA LOVE design in white letters. Mama lookin’ hotter still! To purchase, click on the picture below or here.
Picture of women's fitted cap sleeve T with white letters USA LOVE design from

You can see all the items with this design at by going to this link.

The blue lettered USA LOVE design doesn’t seem to look as great on the red and black t-shirt combos, so I chose a baby item to show it at its best. If mama wears the black and red combo on Valentine’s Day for her man, she just might need the baby duds in a little while. To plan ahead and buy the Girls Baby Rib T-shirt, click on the picture below, or click here.
Picture of USA in Blue LOVE Girl's Baby Rib T-Shirt
You can see all the items with this design at by going to this link.

Our last shirt for mama is a women’s fitted ringer t-shirt, with, of course, the USA LOVE design in red letters. Perfect for Valentine’s Day, USA Patriotic holidays and any time mama want to look hot! You can purchase by clicking on the picture below or here.

Picture of Women's Fitted Ringer Tee with red lettered USA LOVE design from

You can see all the items with this design at by going to this link.

This concludes out tour for today. Remember only 32 more days until Valentine’s Day. And Black History Month (February) will be here very soon, too. Get your shopping done early and avoid extra shipping fees. HAPPY SHOPPING!

USA in LOVE at

Today we take a look at my shop at We will be looking at variations of one design that is wonderful for USA patriotic holidays such as Martin Luther King’s Birthday, President’s Day, and the 4th of July. It also is very nice for Valentine’s Day. Similar to the Italian LOVE design, the USA design comes in three colors: white, red or blue, but has a heart shaped Flag of the United States of America for the “O”.

First up, we see a men’s tee with the blue-lettered version of the design. Bold and wonderful it says “LOVE” in all the right ways. You can purchase it by clicking on the picture below or clicking here.

Picture of Men's tee with USA LOVE design in Blue from

Next up, a Woman’s Plus Size Tee with the white lettered version of the design. Lovely for your lady for Valentine’s Day or any USA patriotic celebration. You may buy it by clicking on the picture, or clicking here.

Picture of Women'a Plus size tee with USA LOVE in white letters from

Our last item is another Women’s Plus Size T-shirt, this one in pink with red lettering for the word LOVE. Again, you can purchase it by clicking on the picture below or clicking here.
Picture of pink Women's Plus T-shirt with USA LOVE design in red letters from

That’s all for now folks. Remember, only a few short weeks left until Valentine’s Day. And President’s Day is coming soon as well. HAPPY SHOPPING!

Stuffed Animals at INKtastic

Because I like them, we are going to look at the stuffed animals that INKtastic has to offer. I mean these cuties are so cute, I just can’t stand it! They also make very, very cool Christmas gifts for the special little people in your life. And because the designs are unique so is your gift.

Picture of GUND Teddy Bear with USA Flag reading: Land of the free home of the brave.

Here we have charming teddy bear, as cute as it could be in a darling little T-shirt with an American flag reading, “land of the free home of the brave”. Perfect for your little soldier this Christmas or anytime.

Next, we show another Gund Teddy bear just as cute as he could be all ready to play his soccer match. His uniform is a simple T-shirt with a soccer ball decorated in the UK flag and reading in big letters,” United Kingdom”. Lovely gift for your UK fan, even if the team only plays in the Olympics every four years.

Picture of blue Gund teddy bear with a United Kingdom soccer or football and the words 'United Kingdom' above.

Next on our tour of all the lovely stuffed animals at we have a darling orange pumpkin man as cuddly as he could be, wearing a T-shirt that simply says,”love”. The O in love, however, has been replaced with a heart shaped Italian flag. Perfect for your stuffed animal lover whether they be Italian American, Italian Australian, Italian Canadian, or just plain old Italian.
Picture of stuffed pumpkin man wearing a tee with the word 'LOVE' using an Italian flag heart for the 'O'.

That’s all for this time. Hope you enjoyed our little tour. Check back often for all the latest stuff. Only 23 more shopping days till Christmas! Happy shopping!