Get Your Oxi Day Gear

Meaning “no” in Greek, oxi can be spelled “ohi” or “ochi”, and pronounced “oy-hee”. Oxi Day celebrates that day in history when Greek Prime Minister, Ioannis Metaxas, said “NO!!!” to Benito Mussolini’s ultimatum to Greece which would have allowed  Axis forces to occupy specific Greek territory. That day was October 28, 1940. and it marks Greece’s entering into World War II, as the Greeks really were a bit upset about the thought of being invaded.

On October 28, Greeks everywhere celebrate every year. My own grandfather, arriving in the USA in 1912 and long an American citizen in 1940, always celebrated Oxi Day with his friends. It is kind of Cinco de Mayo for the Greeks with baklava and no chirros.

Being of Greek ancestry, I do spend a little time creating designs using that particular flag. Here are a few samples, from different shops around the Internet.

Many of my flag design shops have an extensive section with Greek designs. Here are links to them.

From Flagnation at Printfection

Aluminum water bottle with the Greek Flag and the name

From Flagnation at Skreened

Light blue tee with picture of Greek Flag angel with brown hair on front and back of tee.

From Flagnation at Zazzle

Picture of blue trucker hat with images including flags of USA and Greece. Reads,

From Flagnation at INKtastic

Picture of blue hooded swaetshirt with a waving Greek flag and wavy lettering reads,

From AmeriWear’s Flags-of-Nations at CafePress
Dark blue apron with Flag of Greece adn the word

With only 29 more shopping days until Oxi Day, be sure to check out all the designs at all the shops: