Greek Shamrock Collection Test Post

This post is actually a test. A very nice man who lives in, Auntie Shoes believes, New Zealand, created this cool thingy that makes adding pictures of and links to items Auntie designs much easier. The nice man asked if she would test it for him.

Actually, he asked many people. Auntie Shoe is just one of the many who said “yes”. So this is your Auntie Shoe, writing on her Flags-of-Nations blog about the nice man’s “invention”.

It is really EASY to use. Auntie Shoe just went to the “Collections” in her Zazzle account, chose the Greek Shamrock collection and clicked on the thingy the nice man told her to put in her bookmarklet bar. Some windows popped up where she could add some numbers. But because she was logged into her Zazzle account, the numbers were just there automatically. YAY!

Next, she had to add something called a tracking code, so Auntie Shoe would know if anything sold because of this posting. She made up something. It worked. YAY, again!

What you see below is the result. It is a looooong bunch of code that Auntie simply copied and pasted into this blog. Works like a charm.

The Greek Shamrock Collection

Now, to talk a bit about the Greek Shamrock. Auntie Shoe noticed that many people have more than one heritage or ancestry. For example, your Auntie Shoe has ancestors that came from all over Europe. Some of Auntie originated in Germany, some in Greece, a little in Ireland, Scotland, the Netherlands, and France.

And, because Auntie spent some time in a Catholic parish with an Irish pastor when she was a very wee Auntie, she knows all about shamrocks. And, it dawned on her one sunny Tuesday morning, (or, perhaps a rainy Wednesday, who knows?), perhaps many Americans have something in addition to their Irish heritage in their DNA.

Soooo, Auntie thought and thought and the idea came to her to create a series of images with a shamrock base. The USA and Irish flags would appear in two leaves, and the third would change to another flag to be determined by an individual’s other ethnicities.

What you see below are several of the products with Auntie Shoe’s Greek Shamrock design.

Greek Shamrock Belt Buckles
Greek Shamrock Belt Buckles

Rectangular belt buckle with the Greek Flag Shamrock design in the center.

The Collection Bookmarklet by J32 Design

The only payment Auntie Shoe has to make for this lovely code,is to include the last link to some shops run by the nice man. Now, that’s affordable.

Thank you, nice man!