Hot New USA LOVE Design

Perfect for President’s Day, Valentine’s Day or any patriotic holiday is this fantastic “LOVE” design. It shows the word “LOVE” in red letters, with a heart shaped flag of the United States for the “O”. Here we see several products, available at or

First up, we show the design on a wonderful Rickshaw courier bag. Lots of style and usefulness, too.

Red USA LOVE Courier Bag
Red USA LOVE Courier Bag by flagnation
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Next, we have a make-up bag to put in your courier bag. Isn’t it wonderful when a plan comes together?

Red USA in Love Makeup Bags
Red USA in Love Makeup Bags by flagnation
Look at Red Bagettes Bags online at

We follow this with a teapot, for no particular reason other than I like the teapot and want to blog about it. So, this is me blogging about the teapot with the USA LOVE design.

Plus, I think it would be cool to have a teapot like this in my house. Hope you do, too.

Red USA LOVE by flagnation
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And, lastly, we show an apron, again for no other reason than I like it. But it does make a fun gift for your BBQ-ing gentleman or lady.

That’s it for today. Less than 30 shopping days until Valentine’s Day. be sure to get your gifts early to avoid last minute (and higher) shipping charges. HAPPY SHOPPING!