Italian Angel Flag Christmas Decor

Angels dressed in the Italian flag or flag of Italy

Italian Angel Flag Black Hair Brushed Polyester Tree Skirt
Italian Angel Flag Black Hair Brushed Polyester Tree Skirt by angelflags

Lovely black-haired angels all dressed in the Flag of Italy decorate this golden Christmas tree skirt. You can personalize it, too with a name, date and/or special message. Make it the perfect thing for your Italian home this holiday season.

The one above shows circular, red lettering reading, “The Patrick and Katherine Marinakis Family”. You can, however, write whatever you wish. This tree skirt measures about 44 inches in diameter, so it is sure to fit your floor!

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Make your holiday season extra-special with a Christmas stocking that matches your tree skirt.

Italian Angel Flag Black Hair Large Christmas Stocking
Italian Angel Flag Black Hair Large Christmas Stocking by angelflags

Be sure to fill it with lots of goodies. Get one for every member of your family.

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Add some coasters to your Christmas or Holiday decor for an extra-festive look. These are sold in sets of six. They are perfect for your holiday party.

For a more durable coaster, try these stone ones. Absolutely lovely in your decor, too. This would make a thoughtful, personalized gift for the newlyweds in your family, too. Why only newlyweds? Any Italian family would appreciate a customized angel wearing the flag of Italy. Add their family name and the year for something personalized and meaningful.

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