Italy in LOVE design at INKtastic /

Today we are going to visit the Italian love designs at Yes, I know you spent a lot of time looking at these designs. But I like them. And I just would like you to see what is available at all the different print on demand sites that carry my designs.

Inktastic offers a wide range of items for children. They have the largest amount of stuffed animals of any POD I have seen, including many cute and cuddly Gund bears.

They also have the largest selection of items for babies, infants, toddlers and children that I have seen in any POD on the Internet. For example, they are the only ones I know of that carry these cute little toddler dresses with all the nice little ruffles that makes baby look so girly. Our first design shows a red lettuce leaf edge baby dress with the Italian love design. Perfect for your family’s new baby, grandma’s delight, the pride of grandpa’s eye, and in uncle’s favorite niece, and/or mom and dad’s pride and joy. You can purchase it by clicking on the picture or by clicking here.

Picture of red lettuce leafed edge baby dress with the Italian LOVE desing at

Our second design, features the wonderful Gund bear, perfect for your girlfriend, significant other, niece, nephew, boyfriend, mom, dad or anybody that likes snuggly cute stuff. Of course, this one wears the charming Italian love design. You can purchase it by clicking on the picture or by clicking here.

Picture of GUND Teddy Bear with Italian LOVE design from

Next on our list is a child’s polo shirt. I do believe that inktastic is the only POD that carries polo shirts for children, but I might be wrong. That said is still very smart looking for your favorite bambino to be wearing the lovely Italian love design on their polo shirt. To purchase click on the picture, or buy it by clicking here.

Picture of toddler polo shirt with Italian LOVE design at

Last but certainly not least, we have a child’s apron with the Italian love design at This fun design will surely make your child smile as they learn to help you in the kitchen and around the house. You can also buy an identical one for mother-daughter/father-son looks. Buy one for everyone in the family! By click on the picture or here.

Picture of child's apron with the Italian LOVE design from

That’s all for today’s tour. You can see all the products with all this design by visiting here.

Remember, there are just a little more than 30 shopping days till Valentine’s Day. Happy shopping!