Zazzle Shops from Auntie Shoe

Zazzle Shops are fun. First of all, this is a list of Auntie Shoe’s Zazzle Shops, and a description of designs in it. In addition, all use a flag motif of some kind, so you can share your heritage, ancestry and culture.

World Flag Zazzle Shops from Auntie Shoe
The first of Auntie Shoe’s Zazzle shops. Second, designs mostly have the flag of a country and the name of the country below, in the colors of the individual flag. In addition, there are some variations and a few other designs, too, just because.

Personalize this design with a name!
The first shop above became too large. In comparison, this Zazzle shop is just more of the same, with countries not found in the first shop.

Here is Brasil, big and bold, and with the Portuguese spelling of Brazil.

Travel the World with Mr. Penguin
First, Mr. Penguin travels the world and collects vests of international flags to wear. Some other vests, also. In these images he talks. Second, change his talk bubble so he says whatever you wish. And, third, a large selection of party items, gift items and gift wrap items. All personalized, if you choose. Here is a paper cup for your next party.

Zazzle Shops Talking Penguin USA Flag Paper Cup
Talking Penguin USA Flag Paper Cup by TalkingPenguin
Browse Talking penguin Paper Cups online at

Angels in Flags for Your Holiday or Christmas Celebrations
Mostly for the holidays and Christmas, you will find lots of items for your home decor. As a result, your home looks its best for your family and guests. Choose the angel dressed in the flag of your heritage, or the ancestry of the person you wish to give the item to. All items can be personalized with date and name.

Here is a sample ornament from the shop.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Love Flags
Fun anytime, and really great for Valentine’s Day. Design reads LOVE on two lines. A heart shaped flag of the given country is used for the O. So, most designs can be personalized or customized with name and year, so have at it!

For your Valentine’s Day party, family reunion or any get together.

Shamrock Flags Help Honor All Your Ancestries
Shamrock flags have three flags. One is the USA, the other is Ireland and the last one changes for your specific heritage. It is a fun way to share your Irish American culture, thus, honoring a third one to boot. Choose a t-shirt or other wearable item for St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, 4th of July and the culture of your choice.

Here are some Australian Shamrock shoes as an example.

World Flag designs

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