National Flag and Name of Country

I love making these designs because they are a bit out of the ordinary. Rather than just the flag alone, I add the name of the country below, and color (or colour) the word to match the flag. It is time-consuming to make, sometimes, depending on the flag, but it is fun to do and a bit creative.

Today we will look at four such designs on a Men’s Deluxe Hooded Sweatshirt. The hoodie is USA made and printed. To purchase click HERE or on the picture below.

Hooded swaeshirt with English flag and the word or name England below to match.

Next we have Colombia, with matching flag and name. Just for fun and to share lots of pride in your heritage, too. This design has no border on the letters or the flag.

To purchase, click on the picture underneath or HERE.

Picture of black hoodie with flag and name COLOMBIA.

Our next adventure takes us to Jamaica, where both the flag and the word are surrounded by a grey border. That’s the only way the black parts of the flag will show on a black hoodie!

To buy this lovely item, click on the picture below or HERE.

Picture of black hooded sweatshirt with the Jamaican flag and the words JAMAICA.

Our last adventure takes us to the Seychelles. Whether you are Seychellois or just love all the beautiful colors (colours), this will always be fun to wear. It is one of my favorites.

To purchase, click HERE, or on the picture below.

Picture of hooded black swaetshirt with Seychellois flag and word SEYCHELLES below.

That’s all for today. You can see all the flag designs available in my INKtastic shop at