Stuffed Animals at INKtastic

Because I like them, we are going to look at the stuffed animals that INKtastic has to offer. I mean these cuties are so cute, I just can’t stand it! They also make very, very cool Christmas gifts for the special little people in your life. And because the designs are unique so is your gift.

Picture of GUND Teddy Bear with USA Flag reading: Land of the free home of the brave.

Here we have charming teddy bear, as cute as it could be in a darling little T-shirt with an American flag reading, “land of the free home of the brave”. Perfect for your little soldier this Christmas or anytime.

Next, we show another Gund Teddy bear just as cute as he could be all ready to play his soccer match. His uniform is a simple T-shirt with a soccer ball decorated in the UK flag and reading in big letters,” United Kingdom”. Lovely gift for your UK fan, even if the team only plays in the Olympics every four years.

Picture of blue Gund teddy bear with a United Kingdom soccer or football and the words 'United Kingdom' above.

Next on our tour of all the lovely stuffed animals at we have a darling orange pumpkin man as cuddly as he could be, wearing a T-shirt that simply says,”love”. The O in love, however, has been replaced with a heart shaped Italian flag. Perfect for your stuffed animal lover whether they be Italian American, Italian Australian, Italian Canadian, or just plain old Italian.
Picture of stuffed pumpkin man wearing a tee with the word 'LOVE' using an Italian flag heart for the 'O'.

That’s all for this time. Hope you enjoyed our little tour. Check back often for all the latest stuff. Only 23 more shopping days till Christmas! Happy shopping!

Stars and Stripes Shirt

INKtastic is one of the newer print on demand websites. This POD is lots of fun, has many interesting products, it is very easy to use. You, the shopper, can customize almost any design by adding whatever text you wish.

Just because we can, and because I need something to write about, today we will look at some products and some of my designs on INKtastic.

My favorite product comes in several different sizes or categories. You can purchase it in the youth or more men’s sizes (smaller sizes will fit women, as well). And….drum roll… the favorite product of mine is the Stars & Stripes shirt.

Here we see it with the “Assembled in the USA using Belgian parts” design for youth.

Picture of stars & stripes shirt for youth with

Next we see this on the men’s shirt with the same Stars & Stripes on the sleeves. This design, while made for men, can also be worn by a woman if purchased in the correct size.

Picture of stars & stripes shirt for men or women, with 'Assembled in the USA using Irish parts' design.

I hope you’ve enjoyed our little tour of the Stars & Stripes shirt with two of our lovely designs. Hope you have a lot of fun on your next patriotic holiday!

Happy Columbus Day!

Today, because it is Columbus Day weekend, we will look at some Italian flag designs in my Zazzle shop, or

Italian USA Choice T Shirts
Picture of blue tee with flags of Italy and USA reading .
Design shows both flags of Italy and USA. Reads, “Italian by birth American by choice”. Share your pride and love in both your new and old heritages, cultures and ancestries. Great gift for anyone you know who is an Italian immigrant to America. Wonderful for new citizens or to honor parents, grandparents or anyone you know of Italian heritage who is now a USA citizen.

Love in Italy Pillow.

Terrific design features the love and pride you have in your Italian heritage, culture and ancestry. Travelers will like recalling a trip, vacation or holiday to Italy. Features the word “LOVE” with a heart-shaped Italian Flag for the “O”. Viva Italia!

God Had Meant Skinny, He Wouldn’t Invent Pasta
Flag of Italy, reads, “If God had meant for me to be skinny, He wouldn’t have invented Italian pasta.” Funny design with humor for those who like to laugh. Fun for Italian food lovers and travelers who ate their way through their trip, vacation or holiday!

Get Your Oxi Day Gear

Meaning “no” in Greek, oxi can be spelled “ohi” or “ochi”, and pronounced “oy-hee”. Oxi Day celebrates that day in history when Greek Prime Minister, Ioannis Metaxas, said “NO!!!” to Benito Mussolini’s ultimatum to Greece which would have allowed  Axis forces to occupy specific Greek territory. That day was October 28, 1940. and it marks Greece’s entering into World War II, as the Greeks really were a bit upset about the thought of being invaded.

On October 28, Greeks everywhere celebrate every year. My own grandfather, arriving in the USA in 1912 and long an American citizen in 1940, always celebrated Oxi Day with his friends. It is kind of Cinco de Mayo for the Greeks with baklava and no chirros.

Being of Greek ancestry, I do spend a little time creating designs using that particular flag. Here are a few samples, from different shops around the Internet.

Many of my flag design shops have an extensive section with Greek designs. Here are links to them.

From Flagnation at Printfection

Aluminum water bottle with the Greek Flag and the name

From Flagnation at Skreened

Light blue tee with picture of Greek Flag angel with brown hair on front and back of tee.

From Flagnation at Zazzle

Picture of blue trucker hat with images including flags of USA and Greece. Reads,

From Flagnation at INKtastic

Picture of blue hooded swaetshirt with a waving Greek flag and wavy lettering reads,

From AmeriWear’s Flags-of-Nations at CafePress
Dark blue apron with Flag of Greece adn the word

With only 29 more shopping days until Oxi Day, be sure to check out all the designs at all the shops:

Armenian by Birth American by Choice Women’s Natural Organic T-Shirt

Armenian by birth American by choice, organic women's tee

This design features an image of both Flags of USA and Armenia. It reads, “Armenian by birth American by choice”. Terrific for a new citizen or anyone whose mother country is Armenia, but are proud of their new home, too.

This is available at the Inktastic shop of Many other items are also purchaseable with this image, including items for baby, infant, kids, men, juniors, and women.

A large selection of stuffed animals with this image is obtainable here.

Dedicated to all Armenians who have come to the United States of America and made it their home. WELCOME! Make your dreams come true and love both your new and old countries. Honor your new and old cultures, ancestries and heritages. They are part of you.


Greek Blood and Ouzo

Fun way to celebrate Oxi Day with this design featuring, as always, the Flag of Greece or the Greek Flag. Reads, “The blood of Hellas flows thorough my veins. And sometimes, its ouzo.” Always great for a laugh. But especially fun to celebrate Oxi Day.

First, we see this design in white letters on a navy blue sweatshirt at:

Greek-Blood-Ouzo-White Letters Dark Sweatshirt

Blood of Hellas Sweatshirt
Navy blue sweatshirt with image of Greek Flag reading, “The blood of Hellas flows through my veins. And sometimes, its Ouzo.”


Moving to or AmeriYank’s AmeriWear we find a similar design, on a lovely stein.

Beer stein with the Flag of Greece or Greek flag, and the words “The blood of Hellas flows through my veins. And sometimes, its ouzo.”


Next, we find a coaster for your stein. Hey, this is a high class spiti. (“spiti” means “house” in Greek.) This we find in the shop located at

Lastly, we travel to the shop known as for a lovely light blue fitted tee with the waving Greek Flag and reading “The blood of Hellas flows through my veins. And sometimes, its ouzo.”
Blood of Hellas Flows Through My veins and Sometimes Its Ouzo.
A waving Greek Flag and the words, in black, “The blood of Hellas flows through my veins. And sometimes…it’s ouzo.” White under base for best printing results on colored fabric. Funny design to make you laugh and still honor your heritage, ancestry and culture.

The Greek Flag

Today, we will look at flag designs for the country of Greece. Oxi Day (aka, “Ohi day” or “Ochi day”) is coming soon, and will arrive on October 28, just like every year, when the Greeks celebrate the day their leader said, “NO!” to Mussolini.

We will be looking at Greek flag designs during the next several weeks.

First, we will look at all the places, sells the Greek flag on products, merchandise, apparel, T-shirts, and miscellaneous other stuff.

The shop,, has a large a variety of sizes of the Greek flag. Choose from small, medium, or large images on front and both front or back of T-shirts and other casual clothing items. Also, mugs, hats, and many other items are also available here


Moving to the shop at, we find everything from toddler clothing to stuffed animals to signs and banners and more.


Well, that should do it for today! Happy shopping!

It’s a New World for Flagnation!

Love those flags!

Finally, it is time for Flagnation to move to its very own blog on its very own web space here, at

We will be posting while under construction, so, please be patient as things get designed, moved and figured out.

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