About Me

I was born in the wagon of a travelin’ show…Actually, no, I wasn’t, but it sounds good to start.

This is the part I hate…writing about myself. It is a bit boring, yet, it seems to be required, so write it I must.

My name is Mary. A Brit I know started calling me “Ameri Mary” because I am an American, try to keep a positive outlook, and my name is Mary. That led, because Brits tend to call us “Yanks”, to “AmeriYank” and, well, then I got my free graphics domain in that name (www.ameriyank.com), and the rest is history.

It was the free graphics site that got me started on all this POD stuff. See, once I had the free graphics site, it was free for consumers, but I had to pay for the web space and domain. Drew a little Union Jack Flag and started selling a few things to my British mates. That paid the bills for all the stuff I gave away.

Then, beginning in 2001, I was diagnosed with the beginning of several ailments that would no longer allow me to work in the “real world”. I must rest for long periods during the day, so I have to be self employed. What employer can live with my rest schedule? So, I expanded my little online shop to a variety of Flag designs, bought some royalty-free flag images for the countries I cannot draw, and started my online endeavor as a serious venture.

The first company that sold my designs was CafePress. Now I have shops all over the Internet: Zazzle, Inktastic, Printfection,Skreened, and Spreadshirt, All of them work differently, some take as little as 10 minutes to add a design, others take several hours. So, what you will find and where depends a lot on how long I must spend to add an image on the various products.

World Flag designs

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