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Inauguration Day

This site does not usually get political. But, today is Inauguration Day, and in recognition of that, I decided to post this design which has the “USA Red LOVE” design on a decal of President Barack Obama. Few of my designs in this shop use the Obama decal because it doesn’t make sense to do so on most of the designs. But I liked the way this looked, so, it is there.

Since today is also the official celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, I would like to feature this binder with a picture of an angel of color dressed in the USA flag.

And, because many people wish to make MLK Day one of service to others, I will post some designs that honor our service people, both military and first responders.

Blue lettering here made to look like clouds in the sky.

Honor the emergency medical technicians!

Blue lettering for Navy design looks a bit like waves in the water.


Love your cop, too!

Firefighters need love, too.

And the last one, just because I like it and it fits today’s topic, a house decorated with stars and stripes reading, “God Bless America My Home, Sweet Home”.

Yes, I know, lots to see today. That’s what happens on special days!