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Greek Blood and Ouzo

Fun way to celebrate Oxi Day with this design featuring, as always, the Flag of Greece or the Greek Flag. Reads, “The blood of Hellas flows thorough my veins. And sometimes, its ouzo.” Always great for a laugh. But especially fun to celebrate Oxi Day.

First, we see this design in white letters on a navy blue sweatshirt at:

Greek-Blood-Ouzo-White Letters Dark Sweatshirt

Blood of Hellas Sweatshirt
Navy blue sweatshirt with image of Greek Flag reading, “The blood of Hellas flows through my veins. And sometimes, its Ouzo.”


Moving to ameriwear.flagnation.com or AmeriYank’s AmeriWear we find a similar design, on a lovely stein.

Beer stein with the Flag of Greece or Greek flag, and the words “The blood of Hellas flows through my veins. And sometimes, its ouzo.”


Next, we find a coaster for your stein. Hey, this is a high class spiti. (“spiti” means “house” in Greek.) This we find in the shop located at zaz.flagnation.com

Lastly, we travel to the shop known as skreen.flagnation.com for a lovely light blue fitted tee with the waving Greek Flag and reading “The blood of Hellas flows through my veins. And sometimes, its ouzo.”
Blood of Hellas Flows Through My veins and Sometimes Its Ouzo.
A waving Greek Flag and the words, in black, “The blood of Hellas flows through my veins. And sometimes…it’s ouzo.” White under base for best printing results on colored fabric. Funny design to make you laugh and still honor your heritage, ancestry and culture.

The Greek Flag

Today, we will look at flag designs for the country of Greece. Oxi Day (aka, “Ohi day” or “Ochi day”) is coming soon, and will arrive on October 28, just like every year, when the Greeks celebrate the day their leader said, “NO!” to Mussolini.

We will be looking at Greek flag designs during the next several weeks.

First, we will look at all the places, flagnation.com sells the Greek flag on products, merchandise, apparel, T-shirts, and miscellaneous other stuff.

The shop, ameriwear.flagnation.com, has a large a variety of sizes of the Greek flag. Choose from small, medium, or large images on front and both front or back of T-shirts and other casual clothing items. Also, mugs, hats, and many other items are also available here


Moving to the shop at ink.flagnation.com, we find everything from toddler clothing to stuffed animals to signs and banners and more.


Well, that should do it for today! Happy shopping!