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Shamrock Flags Jackets

Shamrock Flags on Jackets

Shamrock Flags are a fun way to share your heritages.

You can see all the Shamrock Flag designs by Auntie Shoe by visiting zazzle.com/ShamrockFlags

The Shamrock Flag design was created by Auntie Shoe to help those with more than one ancestry celebrate everyone at once.

St. Patrick, the Trinity, and Shamrock Flags

It is based on the Trinity example giving by St. Patrick when he was converting the Irish to Christianity. What every Irish Catholic knows, is that St. Patrick used the shamrock plant to explain to the people of Ireland how there are three persons in one God. Each leaf, he explained, is one of the Persons. God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. (Except, back then, he might have said “Holy Ghost”.)

Like St. Patrick, Auntie Shoe has used the shamrock motif to create the shamrock flags, of sorts. Each leaf in the shamrock flag has a flag in it. Because most of the designs are meant for Irish Americans who wish to honor a third heritage or ancestry, the majority of these images include flags for the United States of America, or USA, and the Republic of Ireland, or just plain Ireland. The third leaf changes, depending on the country.

Your Choices

There are about forty choices now. But more are added all the time. If the one you need is not available, use the ASK THIS DESIGNER link, on the Zazzle order page, to contact Auntie Shoe. Tell her what you are looking for, and she will do her best to make it so.

You can also customize or personalize any of the shamrock flags to make it extra special. Add a name, a year, an anniversary or birthday. Whatever makes it just the thing for you or the person you wish to give it to as a gift. The red arrow on the image below points to the button you need to use to start the customization process.

Red arrow points to CUSTOMIZE IT link.
The red arrow points to the CUSTOMIZE IT button or link.

More About the Shamrock Flags

By the way, this jacket makes a lovely gift. They show here in the collection above in white, because that is what makes the shamrock flags look their very best. But, you can also get this lovely outerwear item in navy, black, red, and brown. There are two other colors shown for the jacket. One is called “asphalt” and the other is called “army”. They are very nice, they just do not have traditional names. Auntie Shoe can’t decide which one of the two she likes best. They are pretty cool colors. Or, “colours” if you are practically anywhere but the USA. (Thank you, Noah Webster!)

The non-white colors cost a bit more because of the process used to make the white parts in the design show well. It is well worth the additional cost to get the one that is right for you or the person receiving your gift.

Shamrock Flags Jackets Order Page
The order page for the shamrock flags jackets, showing the jacket in the asphalt color.

Above you can see, as the caption reads, the top part of the order page. This is here to show you how to choose the jacket color for your shamrock flags design. The red arrow near the bottom points to the colors available. You just click on the color you like best and VOILA!

Contacting the Designer

Earlier in this blog post, the writer, that would be me, your virtual Auntie Shoe, mentioned that there is a way to contact the designer on Zazzle. Now, what Zazzle does is put the link in light gray letters on a white background. Makes it nearly impossible to see. And, to top that off, it is in teeeeeeensy little bitsy letters. So, basically, unless you are 18 and have never worn glasses, it is invisible. That is, unless someone points it out to you.

Since your Auntie Shoe cannot be there beside your mobile device or computer to guide you, she has created a blurry screen shot to be sure that you are as confused as possible. No matter what she does, it comes out blurry. But, there is a BIG THICK RED LINE under the ASK THIS DESIGNER link. That, it is hoped, will help you locate it on the page you end up on when you order. Here it is, below.

Red line highlights ASK THIS DESIGNER link
The red line shows where the ASK THIS DESIGNER link is hidden.

The fun part about this design is that is can be used any time, just to share your heritages. But, it can also be used for specific holidays. It is, of course THE perfect thing for your St. Patrick’s Day celebrations.

But, it can also be worn to celebrate the 4th of July, Memorial Day, Labor Day, President’s Day and Veterans Day.

Now, add to those the special holidays that are celebrated in the ever changing country represented by the third leaf. If that be France, then Bastille Day is a cool day to wear this jacket.

If it be Canada, try Canada Day. But that one is a bit obvious. For Oxi Day (pronounced “oihee”), wear the Greek Shamrock to celebrate your Greek Irish American heritage.

For Koningsdag in the Netherlands, pair it with an orange scarf and be part of oranjegekte or “orange madness”. For Australia, Australia Day is the obvious choice, but also nice for ANZAC Day, Labour Day or Eight Hours Day. And this design just might be perfect for Harmony Day.

For Italian Irish Americans, the jacket with the Italian Irish American shamrock flag is just perfect for St. Joseph’s Day (March 19th) or Columbus Day. But if you also celebrate May Day and Liberation Day, why not wear it, then, too?

Again, you can see all the Shamrock Flag designs by Auntie Shoe by visiting zazzle.com/ShamrockFlags

The collection at the top of this posting shows about 15 or so different shamrock flags designs, but all are featured on a white jacket, with each shamrock having its own. The link to the collection is here.

To see all the currently available white jackets with shamrock flags designs, visit here.

St. Patrick’s Day Stuff

St. Patrick’s Day will soon be upon us, so I thought it would be fun to share a few more of the shamrock flag designs. They are great fun for family reunions, and just for celebrating your American, Irish and (insert other ethnic group here). These are all found at flagnation.com. All design are available on many, many products, so you can find just the right thing.

First up, we show the English Shamrock, with the flags of USA, Ireland and England. This is the one President Barack Obama would wear, as he is of both Irish and English heritage on his mother’s side. Although, he would probably prefer a tee shirt or tie instead of the lovely necklace below.

Click on the picture to purchase.

Next, we show playing cards for family fun. These show the Australian Shamrock for those whose Irish ancestors came to the USA via Down Under.

Again, to purchase click on the picture.

Third, for the USA’s neighbor to the north, Canada, we feature the…you guessed it, Canadian Shamrock. And, yes, it shows the Canadian, USA and Irish flags. So, whether your ancestors came from Ireland and went to Canada and then the USA, or vice-versa, this works for you.

Again, to purchase click on the picture below of the lovely candy jar.

Lastly, we see a T-shirt with our Japanese Shamrock, with flags of USA, Ireland and Japan. And, yes, you can buy it by clicking on the picture.

Japanese Shamrock Shirt
Japanese Shamrock Shirt by flagnation
Look at Japan T-Shirts online at Zazzle.com

Happy St. Patrick’s Day and HAPPY SHOPPING!

Italian Shamrock from Flagnation

Today we look at the Italian Shamrock and designs available at zazzle.com/flagnation . These particular ones all have a green background on the product, to make them just a little more fun. I love this design because you can celebrate three of your ancestries, heritages and cultures all at once. In each leaf of the shamrock is a flag. One for, of course, Ireland. Another for the USA, and one for Italy.

First up, we have a fun Rickshaw messenger bag with many Italian Shamrocks. To purchase it, click on the picture below.

Next we have a deck of cards. Yes, cards. Perfect for games when the family gets together, you can have many hours of pleasure playing your favorite card game.

To purchase, click on the picture below.

Last, we show an espresso cup. What is Italy without espresso? Have yours on St. Patrick’s Day, St. Joseph’s Day and the 4th of July!

To purchase, click on the picture below.


Shamrock Flags

Because I love them, I started making shamrocks with a different flag in each leaf. The USA and Ireland are always in the design, but the third leaf changes with each country.

Why did I do this? Because while I am very proud to be an American, I also have Greek, French, Dutch, German, Scot, and, of course, Irish lineages. And in America this is not unusual. So, I created a design that allows people to honor three of their ancestries at once.

First up, we have a Greek shamrock espresso cup. Lovely for your Greek coffee, even if you choose to drink it on St. Patrick’s Day. Click on the picture to purchase it.

Greek Shamrock Espresso Cup
Greek Shamrock Espresso Cup by flagnation
Look at Greece Mugs online at Zazzle.com

Next we show a teapot with the German shamrock. Lovely way to drink your tea.

German Shamrock Green Background
German Shamrock Green Background by flagnation
View Germany Teapots online at zazzle

Last, we show a terrific tie with a French shamrock. Wonderful to honor all your ancestries (or three of them anyway) on St. Patrick’s Day or anytime. Fun for Bastille Day and 4th of July, too!

Happy Shopping!

New Shop — Flagnation at Wordans

A while back I opened a shop at Wordans, and just sort of left it. I’ve been adding designs to it the last few days, so I thought I would let you know about it. These are a couple of the products in the shop. You can buy the items by clicking on the pictures.

Image of Tee shirt with an Italian Shamrock near the bottom.

Fun design features an Italian Shamrock with flags in the leaves of Ireland, Italy and the USA.
Picture of Converse shoe with Canadian Flag angel on it.

Next we have a black tee shirt with a fun Canadian angel on your shoulder or sleeve. Let her watch over you!

Picture of a black tee with a Canadian Flag Angel on the sleeve.

New Shop – Flagnation at eStoremonster.com

Today we are going to look at a newer shop. There are not many designs in it as yet, I just opened it a few months ago and it takes a long time to get all the designs in. You can see the entire shop by visiting here.

The company, estoremonster.com, is located in Canada, so our first design shows both the British and Canadian flags on a women’s tee, with the words, “British by birth Canadian by choice”.Fun design for those who were born in the UK and now live in Canada.

Click on the pictures to make a purchase.

Picture of Women's tee in Flagnation shop at Wordans

Next up we show a black hoodie with the Canadian flag and the word or name “CANADA” below in snow-capped lettering. Lots of fun for travelers and natives, too.

Image of black hoodie with Canadian Flag and snow capped letters reading CANADA from Flagnation shop at estoremonster.com .

Finally, we feature a 3/4 length sleeve baseball jersey with a design showing the Irish flag and the word or name “IRELAND” underneath in the colors (or colours) of the tricolor.
Picture of baseball jersey with Irish Flag and the word IRELAND underneath from Flagnation shop at eStoremonster.com

Hope you enjoyed our trip today. HAPPY SHOPPING!

Irish Green LOVE

New to my shop at ameriwear.flagnation.com or cafepress.com/ameriwear is a fun design perfect for both Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day. Design features a the word “LOVE” in green with a heart shaped flag of Ireland in place of the “O” in the word love.

First up, we show a women’s green tee in the Irish LOVE design. Your favorite lassie is likely to enjoy this all year round, especially if it comes as a gift from her man.

Picture of Irish Green LOVE design on a green t-shirt

Purchase the green tee by clicking here or on the picture.

Next we show two embroidered designs, one on a blue denim shirt, the other on a lovely stone washed cap. How great your laddie or lassie will look all decked out in your gifts.

Picture of Irish Green LOVE design on blue denim shirt

Purchase for your love by clicking on the picture or here.

Stone washed cap with green Irish LOVE design embroidered.

Put this in your gift bag by clicking on the picture or here.

And for all that stuff your Irish love has to carry around, we show this bucket bag complete with a large image of the green love image.
Picture of bucket bag with Irish green love design showing a heart shaped flag of Ireland

By this to put your stuff in by clicking on the picture above or here.

You can see all the products at AmeriYank’s AmeriWear with the Irish Green LOVE design by visiting here.

Whether you are shopping for St. Patrick’s Day or Valentine’s Day, remember to shop early to avoid higher shipping charges. HAPPY SHOPPING!

Stuffed Animals – Great Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Today we will look at stuffed animals at two POD’s, cafepress and inktastic. Cuddly, soft, and lovable stuffed animals make wonderful gifts for Valentine’s Day, birthdays, or any special occasion. But for Valentine’s Day they are really fun for that special lady or child in your life.

First up we see a cuddly teddy bear with the African-American heart-shaped flag or flag of the African Diaspora. Since February is Black History Month you can also help your favorite Black American remember both Valentine’s Day and their ethnic heritage with this thoughtful gift.

You can purchase this charming teddy bear by clicking on the picture of him below or click here.

Image of white teddy bear with African American Heart Flag at ameriwear.flagnation.com

Next, we see our lovely Sully the Cow all decked out with the Italian heart flag. Charming, lovable, and sweet she will surely make a big impression on your favorite Italian lady no matter what her age.

To buy Sally the Cow, click on the picture below that shows her wearing the flag of Italy heart or click here.

Image of Sully the Cow stuffed animal with a heart shaped Flag of Italy for Valentine's Day at ameriwear.flagnation.com

Next on our list we have the Easter Bunny showing up early to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your Irish lassie or laddie. Our lovely bunny loves his Irish roots and his little heart flag. He will surely charm your favorite Irish person on Valentine’s Day, Easter, or even St. Patrick’s Day.

To purchase our charming Irish Easter Bunny click on the picture below or click here.

Picture of plush Easter Bunny wearing an Irish heart flag for Valentine's Day.

While this one is last, the last is never least and this is no exception. We just love Norway and this charming bull of many colors (colours, if you speak British). He will bring lots of love and cuddles to your favorite Norwegian all year round.

To purchase our lovely bull please click on the picture below or click here.

Picture of colorful bull wearing a heart shaped Norwegian Flag.

That concludes our tour of the stuffed animals available with various heart flag designs from our shops at ameriwear.flagnation.com and ink.flagnation.com.

Remember, just about 30 shopping days till Valentine’s Day. So shop early to make sure that your gift is shipped in time for the big day. HAPPY SHOPPING!