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Italy in Love at AmeriYank’s AmeriWear Flags of Nations

At AmeriYank’s AmeriWear Flags of Nations section, you can also find the Italy in LOVE design we looked at yesterday at Zazzle. Since AmeriYank’s AmeriWear is a CafePress shop, we will be looking at this design on products available from CafePress.

Why are we looking at the same design two days in a row? Because I like it and, while I am not Italian, I have an Italian aunt and many Italian friends.

Print on demand or POD companies often have the same products, but most of them also have some things that are unique to them. We will be looking at items today that CafePress carries that no one else does.

First, we have a shower curtain. Great for keeping water off the bathroom floor and, with this design, reminding you of your love of Italy, its culture, your ancestry, and your heritage. Click on the picture to purchase it.

Picture of shower curtain with the Italian Flag Heart LOVE design at ameriwear.flagnation.com

Next we show a lovely wall clock with the same design. Click on the picture to purchase it.

Picture of wall clock with Italian Heart Flag LOVE design at ameriwear.flagantion.com

Last we feature a queen sized duvet for the Italian lovenest. Charming way of keeping your heritage and culture in both your hearts.

Image of queen sized duvet with the Italian Heart LOVE design available at ameriwear.flagnation.com

That’s all for today, as we continue our Valentine’s Day shopping tour. You can see all the products with this design at ameriwear.flagnation.com, or by clicking here.

Italian Heart Designs from Flags of Nations or Flagnation at Zazzle

Today we will visit Italy and a special design perfect for Valentine’s Day.

It is my favorite design, featuring the word “LOVE” with the “O” made of an Italian flag heart. Just lovely and great for your special Italian on your special day.

First, we see it in an espresso cup, perfect for that special time. Click on the picture to purchase.

Second, we have a lovely sterling silver locket with the same design inside. A wonderful gift for your special Italian lady on the day of love. You can buy it by clicking on the picture below.

Next we see a charming candy jar with our Italian Love design. Perfect for your lady’s treats, and looking lovely in the kitchen, living room or family area. Again, click on the picture to buy it.

Picture of candy jar with Italian LOVE design from flagnation.com

Lastly, we show a beautiful pillow for living area, dorm room or anyplace you want to be comfortable. Large image of the Italian LOVE design shows here. Again, click on picture to purchase.

Picture of pillow with the Italian LOVE design from flagnation.com

None of these items strike your fancy? To see all the Italian Flag LOVE designs in the Flagnation or Flags of Nations shop at Zazzle, click here.

That’s it for today! Just a few more than 30 shopping days till Valentine’s Day! HAPPY SHOPPING!