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Somali Flag Stuff

Currently, the design using the Somali flag with the word or name “SOMALIA” underneath in the colors (or colours) of the flag is only available at ink.flagnation.com. Soon, it will be on other PODs, but for now, this is it.

First up, we have a man’s baseball jersey with blue sleeves and the Somali flag design as described above. To purchase, click the picture or here.
Image of blue-sleeved baseball jersey with the Somali flag and the word Somalia below

Next, we have a iPad skin for your computer needs, allowing you to share your pride in your ancestry, culture and heritage. Perfect for school or work. And, lots of fun, too. To buy it, click here or on the picture underneath.
Picture of skin for iPad with a picture of the Somali flag and the word SOMALIA below in blue.

For the women, we have a pink organic tee with the flag design we have been chatting about today. Lovely anytime and anywhere, but great remembering home. To buy click the picture or here.
Picture of pink organic ladies tee with the Somali flag and the words Somalia below in blue letters.

If you are looking for the “his and hers” look, try this ladies Raglan to match the men’s baseball jersey. It also has blue sleeves and looks lovely. You can buy it by clicking here or on the picture.

Picture of ladies blue-sleeved raglan with image of the Somali flag and the word Somalia underneath.

And that’s all for today, folks!